Arts and culture give us joy, let us reflect and help us empathise. They benefit us economically, socially and educationally.

Collectively, everyone with an interest in arts and culture can tell a powerful story about the value and impact of public investment. These pages are designed to help you reach out to audiences and have a conversation about why #culturematters.

There are three simple steps to making the case:

1. Create your story
2. Communicate it to your audience
3. Connect to build long-term relationships

Find out how to make the case to local and national governmentthe publicand the media. Each page will give you specific information and tips on how to create, communicate and connect with these people. You can also check out our page on the benefits of arts and culture. If you pick out the same themes in your story, our collective voice is much more likely to be heard.

The story we're telling

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Share the #culturematters film

We’ve produced a new film that celebrates why #culturematters in 60 seconds. We hope the film will ignite the public’s passion for arts and culture; evoking positive memories and shared experiences.

We need your help to share our film and images. Find out how to support this campaign.