Collectively, we can tell a powerful story about the value of public investment in arts and culture.

This Advocacy Toolkit is designed to help you reach out to audiences to tell a story about the value and impact of public investment in arts and culture, from both a local and national perspective.

As we have recently moved into a new government the story you tell is increasingly important. Find out how others are demonstrating their value and helping to make the case for public funding of arts and culture.

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The holistic case: our story

We believe that art and culture are integral to our health, wealth and education, and that that there is a powerful holistic case for public investment in the arts.

By using the holistic case as a lens, we can examine the impact of work and build powerful narratives that show how contribute to communities.

Find out how to make the case 

How can I advocate?

There are many different ways you can advocate and weve created a simple guide to get you started. Youll find lots of advice on the messages, tools and channels to help you advocate to each of the audiences below.

How have you been making the case?

Do you have a great example to share? If so, please email so we can share it with others. You can also join the conversation with us on Facebook and Twitter.