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Hand drawn iIllustration by Supermundane with lots of intricate lines and patterns

Welcome to the Arts Council in the South East.

Our South East Area is well known for its art and culture. It has world-class collections and is home to some of England’s most exciting and ambitious art and cultural organisations.

Encompassing both the East of England and South East, the area covers 13 counties and boasts an incredible range of arts and cultural talent. From the largest to the smallest, each of them works to provide great art and culture for everyone. This ranges from those that have a strong focus on creating exciting experiences for local communities through to those that work across thge regional, nationally and internationally.


Our Investment

The South East is home to 69 National Portfolio Organisations, including three Bridge organisations, and four Major Partner Museums. Our total investment in these programmes for 2015–18 stands at £103.5 million. We also invest in artists and art organisations in the South East through Grants for the Arts, our open access funding programme for art activities, and our Strategic Funding Programmes.

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Our investment at work in the South East

Three young girls with paint on their arms and faces, laugh and play.

The art of possibility

Project Art Works brings together a team of artists with people who have complex needs and opens up the possibilities of exploration for participants in a way that exposes their potential, that excites them and that follows their innate interests.

Three performers in boiler suits and hard hats appear on a stage, surrounded by technology

Inspiring children and young people

The Garage provides people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to engage in the arts – especially young people. Inspiring the newest generation can be a challenge, so The Garage went to the millennials themselves.

Latest news from the South East

A man draws on a wall.

Museum Accreditation review

During 2017, the Arts Council and our UK Accreditation Partners will be undertaking a light-touch review of certain aspects of the Museum Accreditation scheme.

People dressed in Victorian clothes stroll along a cobbled street.

Resilient leaders

Described by participants as “life changing” this year-long leadership programme is helping develop future leaders for the cultural sector. Interested? Apply now.

A group of four older people with Dementia are dancing with a mix of professional dancers and nurses.

Dance for Dementia

DanceEast has launched its first Dance for Dementia programme, offering classes for people living with early stage Dementia and their carers.

A young boy is stood in the foreground holding a shield and wearing a helmet. In the background, two children are working at a table, creating their own shields.


SEE and CREATE to improve Access to the Arts for Deaf Families

Image captions
Top left to bottom right: 1. South East Dance. Audience Ambassadors © Zoe Manders. 2. Sisters on the Art Breaks Project, September 2015. Photo © Tim Corrigan / Project Art Breaks. 3. Statik at The Garage, Norwich. Photo © Benjamin Mathers / The Garage, Norwich 4. Live Late at Millennium Gallery. Photo © Museums Sheffield. 5. Image © Black Country Living Museum 6. Dance for Dementia. Image courtesy of Dementia Pathfinders. Photo: Alicia Clarke. 7. COME and CREATE: Shields. Photo: Christopher Sacre 8. The Value of Touch. Wendy Daws. Photo: Gary Weston. 9. © Volunteer Makers 10. Carl Au in Bright Phoenix by Jeff Young at Liverpool Everyman. Photo © Jonathan Keenan for Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse. 11. Sampad South Asian Arts perform at the Birmingham Weekender 2015. Photo © Andrew Fox / Birmingham Weekender. 12. The Sultan's Elephant, Royal de Luxe, 2006. Produced by Artichoke in London. Photo © Sophie Laslett 13. Bestival Carnivale, 2015. Image © Tom Martin. 14. Dot, Squiggle and Rest at Polka Theatre with Royal Opera House. Photo © Robert Workman / Polka Theatre.