As part of Arts Council England's on-going drive to become a more open, transparent and accountable public body, we have conducted a series of online live chats with key representatives from our organisation.

The opportunity to chat in real-time will enable our audience to find out more about what we do, gain a further insight into how we spend public money and learn more about the impact and value of public funding of the arts.

Please note, live chat requires you to have both Flash and JavaScript enabled on your computer. If you are having problems accessing live chat, please email us on with the details.

When taking part in our live chats we ask that you abide by our rules of engagement.

Download transcripts from previous live chats

Tuesday 5 June 2013 - Brian Ashley, Director, Libraries

Tuesday 4 June 2013 - Tony Panayiotou, Director, Diversity

Tuesday 5 March 2013 - Peter Bazalgette, Chair

Thursday 24 January 2013 - Alan Davey, Chief Executive:

Wednesday 28 November 2013 - Alan Davey, Chief Executive:

Thursday 20 September 2013 - Dame Liz Forgan, Chair:

Wednesday 25 July 2013 - Alan Davey, Chief Executive:

Thursday 14 June 2013 - Dame Liz Forgan, Chair: