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Historic Combined Online Information System (COINS) spending data

COINS data is used by the Treasury to collect financial data from across the public sector. The data is used for fiscal management, producing Parliamentary Supply Estimates and public expenditure statistics, preparing Whole of Government Accounts and meeting data requirements of the Office for National Statistics. 

View our COINS data on the website.

Tender documents over £10,000

All new tender documents for contracts over £10,000 will be published as they are issued.

These can be viewed on the Contracts Finder website (tenders from 1st January 2011 onwards) and on the Business Link website (tenders before 1st January 2011).


Details of all new contracts entered into by Arts Council England from 1st January 2011 can be viewed on the Contracts Finder website.

Arts Council England payments of £25,000 and over

Spreadsheets detailing these payments can be downloaded using the links on the right. This information starts from 12 May 2010 and is produced monthly.

Lottery grant payments can be viewed on the DCMS National Lottery grants database. This provides information on hard commitments - grants which have been accepted by the recipient.  This information is updated monthly.

Items of spend over £25,000