We're currently refreshing our brand guidelines.  Here you can find the most up to date guidelines about the Arts Council brand - from writing in house style to using our brand effectively in print and online materials. ​

Brand identity guidelines

Our brand identity is made up of different elements such as our logo, our use of imagery, typefaces and colour.

All designers and web developers working for the Arts Council should apply these elements according to our guidelines which are set out in two modules: elements and usage and creative brand expression.

House style

Our house style sets out how we phrase, punctuate, spell and capitalise words and phrases that often arise in our external and internal communications. This is to be applied by all staff as well as by external consultants, writers, editors, designers and web developers, to keep our communications consistent and clear.

Grant award logo guidelines

If you or your organisation receives funding from us, we require you to acknowledge this by using the correct grant award logo in line with our guidelines.