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Jon Adams

Jon Adams is currently Artist in Residence and Research Fellow at the University of Portsmouth. Jon is a RSA Fellow and has worked within the Cultural Olympiad actively feeding into Arts policy and debate around the abilities of artists, neuro-diversity, art-science and digital inclusivity. As an artist he works cross-platform both digitally and Analog using sound, drawing, written word, photographic manipulation, installation and 'art in public'. His work references both his aspergers and dyslexia weaving in fragments of autobiography, science and hidden metaphor. His work is a unique visual perspective of recording and systemizing history, time and place. 

He started work in 1985 as a book Illustrator after leaving University having studied geology, finding a niche market in geological and science publication and later archaeological and architectural illustration. In 1999 he started to write poetry which he exhibited at Brighton Festival in 2011and is now an active blogger. A frequent visitor since a child to the Jurassic Coast, Devon and Cornwall, both to explore the geology and make work inspired by the landscape.