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David Morrall

As Head of the Department for Communities and Local Government's unit in Cambridge responsible for  the region's European Regional Development Fund, Regional Growth Fund and other emerging economic development initiatives, David leads on a range of key growth instruments and wider Government priorities in the region. He has worked with partners in maximising the impact of £250 million of investments. David is also involved in helping to shape post 2013 European budget planning and national and local priorities that will influence this. David started work in the civil service in 1987 progressing through a number of jobs in the Department for Work and Pensions and, more recently, at GO-East. He managed several central London Jobcentres at the depth of the recession in the early 1990s, when high unemployment was acute, then throughout the development and introduction of the Government's flagship New Deal programme. Through David's connection with a New Deal for Communities Programme in Kilburn he became involved in a range of regeneration initiatives.