We have five area councils in line with the new organisation structure of the Arts Council: North, Midlands, London, South East and South West.

The Arts Council Areas are responsible for:

  • agreement of area strategies, plans and priorities for action within the framework of national policies and priorities
  • approval of three year area investment plans
  • agreement of all National portfolio organisation investment and disinvestment decisions less than £800,000

Meet the members of our five Area councils:

Area council Chairs

As discussed in the Arts Council's response to the Norgrove review, five Area councils replaced the nine regional councils in July 2013. The five Area council Chairs are:

  • Veronica Wadley - London
  • Sheila Healy - South West
  • Jon Cook - South East
  • Peter Phillips - Midlands
  • Joe Docherty - North

Independent review of Arts Council governance

In May 2012 the Arts Council commissioned David Norgrove to carry out a review of our non-executive governance structure: our national and regional councils. You can read the report and find out more about the changes that have been implemented, including those that affect the regional structure of the organisation on the publication page.