The Oxford English Dictionary is widely acknowledged to be the most authoritative and comprehensive record of the English language in the world, tracing the evolution and development of words. The Oxford English Dictionary Online gives you not only the latest content of the full Oxford English Dictionary, but also the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary, providing more depth and breadth than ever before.

  • more than 600,000 meanings of words, using more than 3 million quotations to show how words have been used over the entire history of the English language
  • the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary allows users to explore themes, meanings and ideas through the history of English
  • covers British, American and other varieties of English, and all types of usage from formal to slang
  • updated four times a year with thousands of new and revised meanings
  • personalize your profile with 'my OED' and save your own searches
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  • each entry shows sense development, quotation evidence and links to related entries - unlocking the history of every word
  • etymological analysis, listings of variant spellings and pronunciations using the international phonetic alphabet are provided
  • search and browse by subject, region, usage or by language of origin - results can be displayed as a timeline
  • explore the major sources of the Oxford English Dictionary - writers and works, and trace their role in shaping the language
  • learning resources provide invaluable materials to help integrate the use of the Oxford English Dictionary Online in the national curriculum 
  • extensive range of search options enables users to find fast and easy answers to questions such as: which words came into English from Urdu? Where does 'wheelie bin' originate from? Which words came into English in the 1990s? What was the original meaning of 'skyscraper'? When did 'text message' come into the language? 

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