With up-to-date online dictionaries, thesauruses and language reference content based on the largest language research programme in the world, Oxford Dictionaries Pro is an extensive, integrated, smart-linked English language resource. It offers quick-search access to definitions of words, phrases and idioms, with expert guidance on style, usage, grammar and spelling, plus specialist guides for legal and technical writing. Essential for writers, copyeditors, business professionals, linguists, academics, teachers, students and non-native speakers.

  • unsurpassed content offering more than 350,000 entries and definitions and 600,000 synonyms and antonyms
  • updated four times a year with the most current meanings and the latest new words
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Language resources

  • searchable complete versions of New Hart's Rules, Pocket Fowler's Modern English Usage and Garner's Modern American Usage 
  • specialist dictionaries for writers and editors include New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors and Garner's Dictionary of Legal Usage
  • link directly from dictionary headwords to relevant chapters or entries in the writers and editors section
  • comprehensive writing skills including grammar and punctuation, style and usage to write effectively and create the right impression, and quick spelling tips
  • use the vocabulary builder to enrich creative writing


  • A-Z dictionary wordwheel for easy browsing
  • advanced search to explore the dictionary by meaning, people and places, subject, region, usage, and word class
  • audio pronunciations in both British English and US English
  • 1.9 million extra example sentences showing words as they are really used in today's English - all smart-linked and fully searchable
  • tooltips with hover-over quick definitions for almost any word on the page
  • seamless links to www.oed.com provide a complete historical picture of a word in addition to the most current usage


  • A-Z thesaurus wordwheel
  • find synonyms for the specific sense of a word in the dictionary
  • link to dictionary definitions from any word in the thesaurus
  • quick search thesaurus

How to subscribe

If you wish to subscribe, first take a look at the Model Licence. To obtain pricing and for further information or to request a free trial contact:

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