Oxford Biblical Studies Online provides a comprehensive resource for the study of the Bible and biblical history. The integration of authoritative scholarly texts and reference works with tools that provide ease of research into the background, context, and issues related to the Bible make Oxford Biblical Studies Online a valuable resource not only for college students, scholars, and clergy, but also anyone in need of an authoritative, ecumenical, and up-to-date resource.

Oxford Biblical Studies Online offers:

  • over 6,000 articles from major Oxford reference works covering all aspects of Biblical studies, including The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Books of the BibleThe Oxford History of the Biblical World, The Oxford Companion to the Bible and more
  • six different Oxford Bibles including the New Oxford Annotated Bible, Oxford Study Bible, Jewish Study Bible, Catholic Study Bible, Access Bible and The Bible: Authorized King James Version with Apocrypha, as well as two Concordances
  • side-by-side display option for Bible text and commentary
  • thematic guides provide a general introduction to popular topics within Biblical studies including research methods, people and places, books of the Bible and more
  • visual, geographic, and social perspectives on Biblical history, including over 750 searchable images and maps
  • timelines documenting major events in Biblical history presented in context with general world history 
  • weights and measurements from the Hebrew Bible and New Testament are presented with the modern equivalences 
  • list of lectionary readings used throughout the year for services or private worshi
  • editorially selected links to authoritative web sites 

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