The Key Note market intelligence service provides approximately 2,500 online reports across 30 market sectors. Each report is a unique and accurate source of information, combining secondary and exclusive primary research gathered from in-house experts with data from nationally recognised sources.

Market sectors:

  • agricultural and chemical
  • business services 
  • clothing and personal goods 
  • computing and IT 
  • construction, engineering and other industrial 
  • defence and aerospace 
  • drinks 
  • education and training 
  • electrical and electronic industries 
  • energy and utilities  
  • environment   
  • European markets  
  • financial services   
  • food and catering  
  • healthcare, medical and pharmaceuticals   
  • home improvements 
  • household goods  
  • insurance  
  • leisure and entertainment  
  • lifestyle  
  • marketing  
  • new media  
  • office equipment  
  • packaging and paper products  
  • printing and publishing   
  • retailing  
  • security  
  • telecommunications  
  • transport and motor goods  
  • travel and tourism

The new online access package includes all of the above plus any new titles added monthly during an agreed subscription period.

Key Note will also provide access to their company and people database through the same website.

This service is updated daily and access allows users to analyse the financial performance of more than seven million UK companies, as well as search directors, secretaries, shareholders and LLPs. 

Users can also view company and people reports, overviews, key ratios, SIC code and description plus five years' P+L and balance sheet.

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How to subscribe

If you wish to subscribe, first take a look at the model licence. To obtain pricing and for further information or to request a trial please contact:

Catherine Cable
Telephone: 020 3405 1139
Mobile: 079 7009 0914