D&B Hoovers

Access up-to-the-minute information through D&B Hoovers' global database of more than 78 million companies with 3.15 million records in the UK and Ireland, 85 million decision-makers and 600 industries. D&B Hoovers covers the full scope of company, industry, and decision-maker information, with data that is in-depth, accurate, and insightful. You can:

  • search by company, people, and industry 
  • drill down financials, competitors, key biographies including remuneration, news, etc
  • access a targeted marketing list
  • set up news alerts to keep you informed
  • download family trees/corporate linkage
  • receive up to five years' company financials 
  • access detailed overviews and fact sheets 
  • receive customise reports 
  • receive expert advice

Hoovers' editorial team focus solely on research and analysis to provide timely and accurate information so you can rapidly access clear, concise information which highlights business development and emerging trends.

To access free sample reports visit www.hoovers.com/freeuk

D&B Global Reference Solution

Take advantage of D&B's complete global database of over 206 million businesses via the Global Reference Solution (GRS). Organisations can analyse and make selections from D&B's database using a range of criteria including geography, turnover, employee size, industry classification and corporate ownership. Having defined a list of target businesses using the selection criteria, company name, address and other details can be easily exported into a range of formats (eg CSV, HTML and PDF). 

This fully customisable database can be interrogated to your exact requirements, to include, for example, 'UK only' or 'turnover greater than'. 

D&B's database covers one-man-band organisations all the way up to the largest corporate concerns. You can search for relationships between organisations using D&B's corporate linkage which clearly reveals parent, subsidiary, branch and satellite connections. 

Register for a free seven-day trial at solutions.dnb.com/grs

D&B access for the internet 

D&B access for the internet (DBAi) offers immediate access to the world's largest commercial database of 206 million businesses in 200 countries.

D&B business information reports

D&B business information reports (BIRS) is a solid source of information for critical analysis of operations, profitability and stability. You can evaluate medium-to-high risk decisions with payment performance and financial statements data. D&B's BIRS assists with daily credit decisions, financial strength analysis, and business opportunity exploration.

Company documents 

Fast, efficient and cost-effective, this service delivers exact digital reproductions of the original documents held at Companies House. Downloading is simple – documents are either served immediately or accessed from an email link.

Country risk 

Analyse political, economic and commercial performance by country or region.

D&B offer two types of country risk reports:

  • RiskLine – a seven-page report containing a country risk indicator, a guide to payment terms and delays, key economic indicators with forecasts, and a latest development overview 
  • country report – 60 pages of in-depth political, economic, and commercial data and analysis for evaluating risks and opportunities worldwide

For more information visit: www.dnb.co.uk 

How to subscribe

If you wish to subscribe, first take a look at the model licence.

For pricing information please use the contact details below quoting Arts Council England Reference Online.

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To request demonstrations and obtain subscription details please email Alison Holmes at holmesa@dnb.com