Young People, New Theatre – a practical guide to an intercultural process

What is it?
The Arts Council’s YPPT project contributed financial support to help develop a new book, Young People, New Theatre by Noel Greig. This is a how-to book; exploring and explaining the process of collaborating creatively with groups of young people across cultural divides.

Organised into exercises, case studies and specific topics, this book plots a route for those wishing to put this kind of theatre into practice. Born out of the hugely successful Contacting the World festival, it’s the first practical handbook in this field.

Who was involved?
Routledge publishers with launch support from Contact Theatre and the YPPT project.

What are the outcomes?
Young People, New Theatre was launched at GET IN..! and Contacting the World festival Capital of Culture in July 2008

How can I find out more?
Visit the Routledge website
Visit the Contacting the World website
Visit the GET IN . . .! website