British Performing Arts Yearbook 2008/09

What is it?
Rhinegold Publishing Ltd, publishers of the British Performing Arts Yearbook (BPAY), has been chosen by Arts Council England to provide a directory of youth performing arts companies. Youth theatre and youth circus organisations are eligible for a free listing in a dedicated section of the next BPAY.

Who was involved?
Arts Council England, working with the National Association of Youth Theatre and Rhinegold Publishing Ltd continues to advocate for the youth and participatory sector.

What are the outcomes?
The 2008/09 edition of Performing Arts Yearbook has a brand new section on youth arts. There are also sections for national and local youth orchestras.

What next?
Rhinegold is looking at ways of developing the youth arts section in future editions.

How can I find out more?

Visit the Rhinegold website