What is it?
The main aim of this YPPT strand is to strengthen and unite the Youth Circus sector, to create a critical mass and get Youth Circus firmly on the national agenda. The ambition is to develop a more sustainable future for all, allowing Youth Circus to strengthen, consolidate and develop the good work already happening around the UK.

The project was designed to:

  • build key partnerships with other youth providers to learn from their experiences and build opportunities
  • advocate, oversee and nurture the development of an annual network and showcase event for youth circus working with existing providers and stakeholders
  • signpost youth circus groups towards best practice models and identify gaps in advice or training
  • identify partners to develop further work on accreditation and career pathways
  • identify partners within HE/ research to provide longitudinal impact studies for the sector
  • increase opportunities for partnership working with youth circus and other youth providers in local/ regional areas
  • Widen diversity, inclusion and access in Youth Circus

Who was involved?
The project was managed by staff from The Circus Space and is led by Eira Gibson, Youth Programme Manager.

Eira was supported by:

  • Jane Rice-Bowen, Chief Executive
  • Kate White, Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Daisy Drury, Head of Development
  • Tim Roberts, Higher Education Courses Director
  • Rowan Massey, Youth Programme Coordinator

What are the outcomes?
1. Skills sharing workshops for Youth Circus practitioners

This is a pilot programme of free skills-sharing workshops in locations around England, which are inclusive and accessible to all participants from around the UK.

The main areas of focus are: child protection, health and safety/ risk assessment, good practice teaching physical activities, inclusive practice, business (marketing & fundraising) and creative workshops

2. A good practice handbook
The handbook will be printed as a hard copy and also published online. It will be designed with the diversity of the sector at the fore and will include an additional section for youth circus companies to add their own specialist areas.

3. Create a working model for a biennial Youth Circus event
The aim is to include Youth Circus in all future International Youth Circus Festivals. A national Youth Circus event would then become a key focus in the sector’s calendar.

4. Increase opportunities for partnership working

5. A national Youth Circus newsletter

What next?

There is an ongoing focus on international links, networking, skill sharing, masterclasses and debate.

The Good Practice handbook is in development and will be avaliable from 2010.