What is it?
Getintotheatre.org is aimed at young people aged 14+ and signposts the way around 80 varied and exciting careers in the theatre industry, from set design to fight directing, rigging to public relations and programming to marketing.

This is the first time that such a variety of information has been brought together in one place. The website is designed to support the information, advice and guidance (IAG) element for the YPPT project and to offer guidance for vocational training, education and careers in theatre.

Apart from its direct appeal to aspiring theatrical professionals, the website is also a valuable resource for teachers of drama, English, art and design and has been used to provide young people with support towards their Arts Award qualifications.

Getintotheatre.org was used in support of the Open Doors events in November 2007 and was formally launched at the Shunt arches, London, in March 2008. An accompanying short film, Have you got what it takes? was commissioned for the launch and is used as an ongoing marketing tool.

Who is involved?
Getintotheatre.org is designed and developed by Laura Drane and Sara Teiger of Laura H Drane Associates. The website design and build was by RAID .

The film Have you got what it takes? was produced by Pilot Theatre in association with Kit Monkman and KMA

What are the outcomes?
Getintotheatre.org has received more than 46,000 hits since its first launch in November 2007. Feedback has been extremely positive, from young people, teachers and the performing arts industry.

‘It took me ages to fill in my UCAS form and it was difficult to find a course through that system, but when I looked on the getintotheatre website there was a full list of theatrical jobs and university courses, which was so helpful. I have now applied to university and will be starting a stage management course in September.’
Gareth Barham, aged 17

‘It is an incredibly valuable resource and I have been directing my A Level performing arts students to it on a regular basis. The feedback from them is excellent. It offers real information, about real jobs, from real people, and that’s what’s so advantageous.”
Simon Winterman, Performing Arts Teacher at King Edward VI College, Nuneaton

What next?
Arts Council England is currently in discussion about the legacy of the website as it is clear that its usefulness and relevance goes far beyond the life of the YPPT project.

Find out more
Go to getintotheatre.org http://www.getintotheatre.org
Watch the film Have you got what it takes? www.getintotheatre.org/the_film
See the Young, Gifted and Talented website ygy.dcsf.gov.uk