What is + verb about?
The project aims to work with 200 socially excluded and learning disabled young people to create a new word – a verb – through drama that reflects an aspect of the uniqueness of young people’s lives today.

The project is using theatre and technology (web 2.0 and gaming) to develop the word and mount a campaign to get the word into common usage. The project is testing how theatre and technology can encourage participation, particularly in terms of motivating marginalized young people to participate in theatre.

Who is involved?
C&T produces new theatre works for young people. The company regularly programmes work for primary, secondary and special schools using drama as a means to explore the ideas, values and aspirations of young people and the world around them.

What are the outcomes?
As the project has progressed it is possible to see other areas of learning, for example how young people network, co-devise and communicate online.

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