Creative Room

What is Nomadica about?
This project is testing a number of factors including its origins within a youth service provision, its ways of working with young people, many of whom have little or no English and a particular cultural context, and an approach based on mixed artform work. Creative Room are bringing in professional arts expertise to support their approach.

The main aim of Nomadica is:

  • to engage young refugees with outreach workshops aimed at young travellers and young homeless people from Nottingham in a performance project consisting of two phases, addressing issues around home and displacement, citizenship and identity, boundaries and the sense of belonging

Who is involved?
Creative Room is a youth service based organisation working with young people in Nottingham who come from refugee and asylum seeker groups or who are homeless or who are hard to reach in other ways.

How can I find out more?
Visit the Creative Room website
View the Nomadica film