What is It’s Our Theatre about?
This project is bringing an urban artform (hip-hop) into a rural setting and is relying on a complex network of partnerships to deliver. THEATRE IS… are explicitly testing obstacles to participation and seeing to what extent they can alleviate them.

The main aims of It’s Our Theatre are:

  • to create the professional artists of the future by providing a legacy of cultural leadership and creative entrepreneurial practice
  • to provide hugely enjoyable activities in a number of stages with clear progression for each participant, including a conduit to a career in the performing arts using the Arts Award scheme
  • to provide positive role models by using a team led by young professional hip hop practitioners who are also creative entrepreneurs
  • to provide an alternative path for young people who are isolated, disadvantaged, at risk, unengaged or uninspired
  • to act as a national pilot project to disseminate its findings nationally through: web based social networking sites; a documentary DVD; specific sharing and dissemination events created and led by young people and a national press campaign

Who is involved?
The project is led by: THEATRE IS…, in partnership with the Sheringham Little Theatre, Sea Change Trust, (the leading arts development agency for Great Yarmouth) and the Garage, Norwich’s leading creative arts project for young people. In addition young professional artists from Throwdown Events including some of the best of British breakdance talent.

What are the outcomes?
Following the pilot in Norfolk, plans to take it’s our theatre to Thurrock are now underway, supported by Thurrock Council Children, Families and Education. it’s our theatre will also be showcased this Summer in East Hertsfordshire, supported by their Local Strategic Partnership.

How can I find out more?

Visit the THEATRE IS... website
Watch the It’s Our Theatre film