Live Theatre

What is From Home to Newcastle about?
Live’s project seeks to engage with young asylum seekers and refugees in order to integrate them into their youth theatre.

The project will culminate in a performance drawn from the testimonies of the young people. The project is testing how these young people integrate into the theatre and how best to attract young people from these groups to the project.

The main aims of From Home to Newcastle are:

  • to target and engage with young people from refugee and asylum seeker communities and encourage them to integrate into Live Theatre’s in house youth theatre
  • to create a piece of theatre using the words and experiences of young people from a wide range of backgrounds and communities
  • to create a supportive environment and a structure which will enable the individual participants to build new relationships and engage with the mainstream community activity

Who is involved?
Live Theatre, is a new writing theatre company based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Live Theatre explores ideas in new writing and believes in relationships with writers and in the development of new writing.

How can I find out more?
Visit the Live Theatre website
Watch the Home to Newcastle film