What is Future Fires about?
Contact’s focus is on enabling and supporting young people who are already known to the organisation to become cultural leaders.

The main mechanism of this is an arts project that each young leader is delivering, using this as the focus for learning about fundraising, evaluation, health and safety, recruitment and all the other elements of cultural leadership. This project is testing an approach, which empowers young people to deliver to other young people.

The main aims of Future Fires are:

  • to develop five young arts leaders to run their own projects in communities that they have a special link with
  • through international exchange with young creative leaders in a variety of UK, European and International countries to inform practice and develop skills, confidence and creative ambition
  • to create a shift in how socially based youth arts projects are conceived and developed, using the best international practise as our inspiration

Who is involved?

Contact Theatre, Manchester, is a young people’s theatre. Participation is at the heart of its work, and it runs a huge range of activities where young people and artists can join in, learn and develop. These activities range from outreach projects with a wide range of communities, to drop in sessions, to intensive artistic development programmes such as Young Actors and Young Writers groups.

How can I find out more?