What is it?
Airborne captures a snapshot of current youth circus activity and provision and makes recommendations to support the development and co-ordination of Youth Circus in the UK and its relationship to the YPPT project aims and objectives.

It provides a focused study of current activity within Youth Circus itself, and through consultation with practitioners, aims to identify its particular development needs.

Who commissioned it?
Airborne was commissioned by Arts Council England to inform the development of the YPPT project and to inform the youth circus sector on required action.

The research was undertaken within the context of the Circus healthcheck and following the publication of Paving the way, a comprehensive mapping of young people’s participatory theatre, which identified a significant contribution from youth circus to the national youth theatre picture.

Who wrote it?
It was produced by independent arts consultant Leila Jancovich, 2007, who conducted research through:

  • development of a database of 264 existing youth circus providers
  • market research through questionnaires completed by 83 groups
  • consultation via three regional meetings attracting approximately 30 people

How can I find out more?
Download the executive summary
Download the full report
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