Welcome to the Arts Council England YPPT web pages. YPPT was a unique project that engaged with more than 13,500 young people across the whole country. The project proved beyond doubt that participation goes far beyond a simple concept of youth theatre and can engage young people at all levels of the theatre industry and across all art forms.

The YPPT project shows some amazing examples of participation and quality ranging from practical involvement in theatre craft and management to advocacy and policy-making. All this was led by an energetic Youth Council giving young people a real voice and opportunities to shape the programme.

The learning from YPPT is remarkable. It highlights the true potential for further development in young people’s participation in theatre and opens the way for a lasting legacy of opportunity and involvement.

Andrew Nairne, Executive Director Arts Strategy

Project overview

The definition of theatre within the scope of this project includes circus, street arts and experimental theatre and the age range we are working with is young people aged 11 - 25 years.

The programme aims included: a commitment to increase young people's access to and participation in theatre, raising the profile and status of participatory work, and positively addressing issues of quality.

The YPPT project fell into four broad categories: Mapping & Research, Projects & Events, Publications and Pilot Projects. Each category is defined by its individual projects.

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