The CASE Local Culture & Heritage Profile Tool is a quick and easy way to get hold of a range of data that can be used in local cultural and heritage-related policy-making. The data comprises:

  • Local Area Profile - Data connected to the demographic nature and physical geography of the area
  • Economic Performance - Data on local culture and heritage business stock, new business activity, employment and financial performance
  • Attendance & Participation - Statistics on the attendance and participation of adults at cultural activities
  • Quality & Satisfaction - Data on the levels of satisfaction with and quality of current cultural and heritage assets in a local area
  • Education - Levels of involvement of students in cultural and heritage courses at GCSE and higher education level
  • Sites & Assets - Numbers of cultural sites and heritage assets that are based in a local area
  • Financial Investment - Details on the total grants and investment from local authority sources and National Lottery programmes
  • Nearest Neighbours - Comparisons of a number of statistics with nearest local authority neighbours (based on the CIPFA model)

The majority of this information is available at the lower tier local authority level (district/unitary), although some information is only available at the upper tier local authority level (county/unitary).  It is also available for Local Enterprise Partnership areas. In every instance the local data is compared with the regional and national average.

Download the CASE Local Culture & Heritage Profile Tool.

Find out more about CASE local profiles and insights on the Department for Culture, Media and Sport website.