The People's Record projects and website

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games is a once in a lifetime event that needs to be recorded for posterity. Arts Council England is supporting a network of museum, library and archive-led projects supporting community groups to have their say and tell their stories.

In 2010, Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (whose functions have now been transferred to Arts Council England) launched an online space to showcase and sustain the results as part of a comprehensive archival, material and digital record of the Games. The People's Record website now hosts an ever-expanding body of material and documents celebrating the games, and welcomes new submissions from community initiatives and organisations across the country.

During the past two years, People's Record has funded almost 70 partnership projects, which explore the following themes:

  • health, sport and wellbeing
  • changing places
  • young people's aspirations

These projects have discovered and created community records (including documents, photographs, film, oral history and artwork) that demonstrate what it means to all kinds of people, when the nation hosts the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Record

The National Archives, in partnership with the Arts Council and the British Library, is leading a coordinated records management programme to generate a comprehensive archive and support efficient delivery of the Games.

2012 projects

This year grants have been awarded to 12 cultural projects that will create a collective record of the public’s response to hosting the 2012 Games.

These projects, taking place between June and October 2012, will explore the transformation of communities; themes of health, sport and wellbeing; and young people’s aspirations through engagement work and the legacy of the 2012 Games. Find out more about the 12 projects.