The Arts Council, Nesta and the Arts and Humanities Research Council have commissioned MTM London to conduct a ground-breaking Digital landscape survey.

Repeated annually for three years, this survey will provide the first detailed picture of how the arts and cultural sector is using digital technology, ranging from creating and marketing cultural experiences, through to exploring new business models. The resulting data and reports will be an important resource for all arts and cultural organisations.

The survey objectives

The key objectives are to:

  • identify the key indicators of arts and cultural organisations' progress in innovating in their use of digital technology, and factors contributing to innovation
  • gather robust year-on-year tracking data on progress against these indicators from organisations across the arts and cultural sector
  • track the impact of participation in the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts by showing how much the participants have changed, benchmarked against the wider sector

The survey

The survey is by invitation only, but all National Portfolio Organisations and Major Partner Museums will be asked to take part. MTM London will also be targeting Grants for the arts applicants and a wider selection of museums. The survey sample will aim for a good representation across organisation type and size, art form and region and will seek to capture information from organisations that do not currently engage extensively with digital, as well as those who are at the cutting edge.

We would like to encourage all invited organisations to fill in the survey each year. MTM London will produce reports on each of the three annual surveys as well as a final summary report. In addition, participating organisations will receive a secure login to a bespoke online portal where they will be able to see how their own answers compare with similar organisations, and to the sector as a whole.

If you would like any further information on the survey, please contact