Created through Art Is Open Source and FakePress (other projects by artist duo Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico), REFF (Roma Europa Fake Factory) self-consciously performs a range of apparently institutionalised activities across the arts sector.

Provoked by the work of an Italian organisation that apparently misunderstood the collaborative 'mash-up' nature of digital culture, they established projects experimenting with remixing, re-enactment and fakery.

Some of REFF's outputs include an international media art competition, a global education scheme, open source software, and an 'augmented reality' drug.

Central to REFF is MACME, its open source publishing platform that (by allowing contributors to incorporate codes read by smartphones within their essays and link to updatable online content) transforms information sharing and restyles the concept of publishing.

REFF is set to demonstrate that like its hallucinogenic drug, in the right doses, open source culture can help to remix the world and reinvent reality.