Digital Artists Handbook

The Digital Artists Handbook is a highly accessible guide to the tools, platforms and resources available to media artists. A central focus for the book is the ideology and application of Free Open Source Software - which, it advises, can be usefully deployed in facilitating new levels of sharing and collaboration among artists. It was produced by Folly and GOTO10 and features contributions from numerous experienced media artists.

FLOSS Manuals

FLOSS Manuals are Open Source guides to using Free and Open Source Software. They are collaboratively written by a wide community of regular users (from artists to software developers) and explain anything from how to install and use a piece of software to the ins and outs of, say, designing with an Open Source design tool. The manuals are available in a number of formats and you are free to compile a bespoke guide by remixing chapters according to your own agenda.

FLOSS+Art Book

FLOSS+Art critically reflects on the relationship between Free and Open Source Software ideology and media art. It provides a view of the social, political and economic myths and realities of this phenomenon, focusing on ownership and licensing, as well as the artful production of Free and Open Source Software. With contributions from prolific and high profile artists in the field, it begins to define this emerging area.

Grow Your Own Media Lab

Grow Your Own Media Lab was a distributed project produced by a group of organisations keen on supporting the wider adoption of media lab-style learning and collaboration techniques. This illustrated guide (available for download as PDF here), complete with drawings by Michael Tesh (and originally published by Access Space in 2008) is not a software manual but a collection of case studies of upstart media lab activity.

Introduction to GIMP Image Editing Software

GIMP is a Free and Open Source image editing program boasting a comprehensive set of tools comparable to those available in many commercial software packages (such as Adobe Photoshop). This document provides an introduction to GIMP features that are of most use to those editing images for teaching and research purposes.


In 2009 OpenMute was commissioned to produce Art of Digital London workshops and provide Arts Council England's regularly funded organisations with practical information on how to integrate new technologies into their work, and develop a strong digital strategy. As part of this they established TheKnowledge, a research platform which continues the workshop series online, and aims to become a key destination for those interested in new media-based audience engagement and outreach.