Arts Council England believes that broadcast and digital technologies are vital to promoting and developing the arts in England. They support our ambitions to place the very best arts content at the heart of national life so that as many people as possible can participate.

We already have a strong track record of working in partnership with broadcasters, film-makers, artists and arts organisations, including the BBC, Channel 4 and Five. This is an exciting and rapidly changing time in the broadcast and new media sector and we are committed to exploiting new opportunities for making and experiencing the arts, for the benefit of everyone. By involving artists and arts organisations as media players in their own right we will build on our broadcast partnerships and develop new relationships with digital media and technology partners.

In June 2009 we signed up to a new public value partnership with the BBC with a shared ambition to create the best possible broadcast and online arts content. We will share expertise, knowledge, research and ideas in the delivery of our partnership in order to develop new initiatives and activities that can benefit the broader creative economy. Wherever possible we will align our ambitions, for example in relation to children and young people, London 2012, and archives, to ensure a greater impact and stronger development legacy for arts programmes.