Arts Council England will be working in partnership with the Imperial War Museum and the Heritage Lottery Fund to ensure a joined-up cultural approach to the First World War centenary from 2014.

This sits within the Government's plans to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War through a programme of arts, culture and education. More information can be found on

Lottery-funded arts activity

Arts Council England has set aside a sum of arts lottery money specifically to promote, enhance and commission arts activity related to the centenary.

We would like to build upon and extend the collaborative approach showcased by the Stories of the world programme, which saw young people, cultural organisations and communities working together.

Arts and cultural organisations can also apply for Grants for the arts funding for arts activity relating to the First World War. It is hoped that this activity will include cross-cultural partnerships from across the arts and cultural sectors.

Museum Liaison post

The Arts Council has also allocated £121,171 over the next three years to the Imperial War Museum through the Renaissance National programmes budget. This will fund the post of the Centenary Programme Museum Liaison Officer in the English regions. This Officer position will coordinate activity led by regional English museums.

Museums and schools programme

As part of the Museums and schools programme, the majority of the ten regional partnerships of schools, national museums and bridge organisations will develop activities and learning materials in relation to the First World War.

Other funding

Other funding for cultural and heritage organisations and more information about the First World War centenary can be found on the Heritage Lottery Fund website.