Arts Council England is currently conducting a review of the Designation Scheme. During this period we will not be accepting new applications.

The review of Designation is considering the purpose and principles of the Scheme to establish whether it is effective as a means of identifying vitally important cultural collections. The temporary closure of the Scheme is necessary since changes may be made to its processes, scope and governance.

During August and early September, we commissioned Sara Selwood consultants to conduct an independent survey to gather opinions about the future of the Designation Scheme. 
Designation Review - Results from a Survey of Stakeholders

Using the findings of the survey as well as points raised during key stakeholder conversations and discussions within the Arts Council, we have developed a proposal on the future of the Scheme. 
Designation Scheme - a proposal for its future

We are currently reviewing feedback on our proposals and are developing governance and process. In May 2014 we will publish our clear vision for Designation.