Arts Council England has received notifications of sale for the following items which have previously been exempted from capital taxation. Please note that the price given is intended as a rough guide only, and does not constitute an offer to sell at this price. The practice of the auction houses is usually to pitch this at their high auction estimate or, sometimes, even higher.





1. Dominic Serres (1722-1793) 

The Capture of Havana, 1762: The Morro Castle and the Boom Defence Before the Attack              

oil on canvas

83.8 x 175.3 cm (33 x 69 in.)       


2. Dominic Serres (1722-1793) 

The Capture of Havana, 1762: the English Battery Before Morro Castle                    

oil on canvas

84 x 122 cm (33 x 48 in.)


3. Dominic Serres (1722-1793) 

The Capture of Havana, 1762: Storming of Morro Castle, 30 July,

oil on canvas

127.0 x 189.0 cm (50" x 74" in)


4. Dominic Serres (1722-1793) 

The Capture of Havana, 1762: Taking the Town, 14 August,

oil on canvas

125.7 x 188 (49½ x 74 in.) 


5. Dominic Serres (1722-1793) 

The Cathedral at Havana, August-September 1762

oil on canvas

81.3 x 119.4 cm (32 by 47 in)  


6. Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn (Leyden 1606-1669 Amsterdam)
Portrait of Catrina Hooghsaet (1607-1685)
Signed dated and inscribed on the shield, upper left: CATRINA HOOGH-/SAET.OUT 50/Jaer/Rembrandt f./1657
Oil on canvas
126 by 98.5 cm.; 49 ½ by 38 ¾ in.

Guide Price: £35,000,000


?John Fane, Lord Le Despencer, 7th Earl of Westmorland (1685-1762), Mereworth Castle, Kent;

Sir Francis Dashwood, 2nd Bt, Lord Le Despencer (1708-81), of West Wycombe, Mereworth Castle;

Sir Thomas Stapleton, 6th Bt, Lord Le Despencer (1766-1831), of Rotherfield Greys, Mereworth Castle;

his posthumous sale, 1831;
Bought after the sale by Peacock (according to Smith 1836, but the Getty Provenance Index has been unable to trace any such sale);

Edmund Higginson (né Barneby; 1802-71), Saltmarshe Castle, Herefordshire, by 1836-42;
Offered for sale with his pictures, Christie's, 4-6 June 1846, 3rd day, lot 221, bought in at 760 gns;

His sale, Christie's, 16 June 1860, lot 43, bought by Farrer for 740 gns;
Col. The Hon. Edward Douglas Pennant, 1st Baron Penrhyn of Llandegai (1800-86);
Hugh, 4th Baron Penrhyn (1894-1949), and thence by descent



British Institution, 1851, no. 52 (lent by Edmund Higginson);
London, Royal Academy of Arts, 1873, no. 137 (lent by Lord Penrhyn);
London, Royal Academy of Arts, 1899, no. 75 (ditto, as A Lady with a Parrot); 
Leiden, Rembrandt Tercentenary Exhibition, 1906;
Grafton Gallery, 1911, no. 60 (ditto, as Caterina Hooghsaet);

On loan to the National Museum of Wales, 1971-85;
London, National Gallery, Art in Seventeenth Century Holland, 1976, no. 92;

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Horace Walpole to Richard Bentley, 5 Aug 1752: ' Mereworth, which is so perfect in a Palladian taste, that I must own it has recovered me a little from Gothic...The gallery is eighty-two feet long, hung with green velvet and pictures, among which is a fine Rembrandt...' (Walpole 1973, XXXV, p. 143);

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The Triumph of Venice: Design for a Ceiling in the Sala da Consiglio, Palazzo Ducale, Venice

black chalk, pen and brown ink, brown wash, heightened with oil paint on varnished paper, squared in red chalk, made up at the left margin, oval, old horizontal crease across centre

21in. x 14in.



P.H. Lankrink (L.2090).

Sir Peter Lely (L.2092).

Possibly Mr. Palmer; his sale, London, 1755, lot 21 (to Lord Verney), according to the list of The principle collections of pictures sold by auction in England in the years 1711-1759, London, Victoria and Albert Museum, English Manuscript Reserve S.12, p. 349.

Henry, 10th Earl of Pembroke, by 1772, and by descent to the Earls of Pembroke; Sotheby's, London, 5 July 1917, lot 438 (£1650 to Agnew).



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Guide Price: £18,000,000





8. Sir Stanley Spencer, R.A. 1891-1959
The Angel, Cookham Churchyard 1934
oil on canvas
61 by 51cm.; 24 by 20in.

Commissioned by Mrs Corble from the artist
Given by her to Mrs M.G.M. Pryor, 1967
thence by descent


Keith Bell, Stanley Spencer: A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings, Phaidon Press, London, 1993, cat. no.158, illustrated p.431


Sale: Sotheby's Modern and Post War British Art sale, London November 17th 2015

Guide Price: £150,000



9. A group of about 169 pieces of Chinese and Asian ceramics, Chinese jades and works of art from the Pilkington Collection 

The Pilkington Collection contains ceramics from the Tang, Song and Qing dynasties, alongside many examples of Ming Dynasty porcelains. In addition, the collection also features some Qing jade carvings and a group of agate and related snuff bottles. Roger Pilkington was a member of the  Lancashire glass-making family and made his first purchase of Chinese Art around 1958. His Collection was assembled over the next ten years from auction houses and specialist dealers. Many objects in the Collection have illustrious provenance and have come from collectors such as: Edward T. Chow, Kenneth Dingwall, Wilfred Evill, Hershel V. Johnson, George Kolkhorst, Dr. Isaac Newton, Howard Paget, R.H.R. Palmer, Charles Russell, Wu Lai Hsi, Brenda Seligman, Sir John Thompson, The Viceroy of India, and Sir Edward Wakefield.

Sale: Sotheby's Hong Kong in early April 2016

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