Arts Council England has received notifications of sale for the following items which have previously been exempted from capital taxation. Please note that the price given is intended as a rough guide only, and does not constitute an offer to sell at this price. The practice of the auction houses is usually to pitch this at their high auction estimate or, sometimes, even higher.

The eared rectangular green tooled leather-lined top above a cedar-lined frieze drawer to the front and reverse and knee-hole with central divide, the pedestals each with six cedar-lined graduated drawers, flanked and divided by cluster columns, the sides each with a blue leather-lined pull-out slide on cluster column supports flanked by dummy drawers, on a plinth base with anti-friction castors 30.1/2 in. (77.5 cm.) high, 66.1/2 in. (169 cm.) wide, 55.1/2 in. (141 cm.) deep

Possibly supplied to Samuel Greathead for Guy's Cliffe in 1760.
Thence by descent at Guy's Cliffe.

Sale: Christie's King Street in The Exceptional Sale on 10th July 2014
Guide price: £400,000

The following 7 items (2-9) are being offered for sale by the Trustees of the Northumberland Estates.

2) GILBERT STUART: Portrait of Joseph Brant (1742-1807)
Oil on canvas
23 ½ins. by 24ins.

British Institution, 1857, no. 710;
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 18th October 2004 - 27th February 2005 and National Portrait Gallery, Washington, 8th April 2005 - 31st May 2005, Gilbert Stuart, no. 17.

Sotheby's, Old Master and British Paintings sale
London  - 9 July 2014
Guide Price: £1,500,000

3) SIR ANTHONY VAN DYCK: - Portrait of Frances Devereux, Countess of Hertford, and later Duchess of Somerset (1599-1674)
Half length, three-quarters right, standing by a stone balustrade on which she rests her right hand, her left hangs by her side, wearing a black dress enriched with pearls, brown hair, a ringlet on her right shoulder tied with a black ribbon, gold ornament, red curtain background in 1930, removed during conservation work in 1991
Oil on canvas, in a carved wood frame
46 ½ins. by 36 ¾ins.

By descent from the sitter to her grandson-in-law, Thomas Thynne (1640-1714), later 1st Viscount Weymouth;
Possibly acquired by Lady Elizabeth Percy (1667-1722), widow of Thomas Thynne, cousin of Viscount Weymouth, who married the 6th Duke of Somerset in 1687;
By descent to her grand daughter who married Sir Hugh Smittson, later 1st Duke of Northumberland (1714-1786);
Thence by descent.

London, Royal Academy, 1906, no. 101;
London, Royal Academy, Exhibition of 17th Century Art in Europe, 1938, no. 90;
London, Royal Academy, Flemish Art 1300-1700, 1953-4, no. 222.

E. Larsen, L'Opera completa di Van Dyck, 1980, Vol. 2, no. A.86 (as attributed to Dobson);
E. Larsen, The Paintings of Anthony Van Dyck, 1988, Vol. II, no. A214 (as attributed to Dobson);
O. Millar, et. al., Van Dyck. A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings, New Haven and London 2004, p. 592, no. IV.208, reproduced.

Sotheby's, Old Master Paintings Sale
London -  9 July 2014
Guide Price: £600,000

4) A North German amber and ivory mirror with a wood core, Danzig, mid-late 17th century, within a probably 19th century wood case, lined with pink velvet, losses and wear to the amber, several pieces are loose, particularly to the base, the feet are possibly replaced.
Mirror: 56.5cm, 22¼in; case: 63.5cm, 25in

Sotheby's, Treasures Sale
London - 9 July 2014
Guide Price: £250,000

5) A North German amber crucifix, Danzig, mid-17th century, mounted on a stepped base set with pierced bone plaques, 24ins. high, in a glazed wood case, plaque inscribed: This crucifix belonged to Cardinal York, the last of the Royal family of Stewart. Obit. 1807, three amber panels are detached and there are a few losses,
crucifix: 61.5cm, 24¼in; case: 73cm, 28¾in

Cardinal York (died 1807), last of the Royal House of Stuart, Lady Louisa Stuart, Lady Louisa Percy

Sotheby's, Treasures sale
London - 9 July 2014
Guide Price: £100,000

6) A French bronze of the Blind Orion guided by Cedalion, circa 1600, attributed to Barthelemy Prieur (c.1536-1611), black lacquer over brown patina, on a wood base inlaid with tortoiseshell and brass inlay.
Bronze: 23.4cm, 9½in; base: 11.6cm, 4½in

Related Literature:
G. Bresc-Bautier and G. Scherf, Cast in Bronze French Sculpture From Renaissance to Revolution' Exh. Cat. Musée du Louvre, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and J. Paul Getty Museum, Paris, 2009, pp.132-135. nos.27 a-c

Sotheby's, Treasures Sale
London - 9 July 2014
Guide Price: £200,000

7) A Marble Statue of Aphrodite, Roman Imperial, reign of Claudius, A.D. 41-54, after a Greek original of circa 430-420 B.C., the goddess standing in a majestic and graceful attitude, and wearing high-soled sandals, long diaphanous chiton leaving her right shoulder bare, and long cloak falling from her left shoulder in deeply pleated folds, her oval face with parted lips and large wide-set eyes, the wavy hair parted in the center, bound in a broad braided diadem, and flowing in a long tapering tress down the nape of neck; restored: part of proper right earlobe, tip of nose, both forearms with attributes, small parts of drapery, and other minor areas.
83 5/8 in.

Frederik Poulsen, Greek and Roman Portraits in English Country Houses, Rome, 1923, pp. 16-17 ("The so-called Livia has a modern head, copied from that of the Agrippina the Elder in the Capitoline Museum, and placed on an antique statue."). Cornelius C. Vermeule, "Notes on a New Edition of Michaelis: Ancient Marbles in Great Britain," American Journal of Archaeology, vol. 59, 1955, pp. 147-148 ("Poulsen... mentioned that the so-called Livia had a modern head set on a body.")
Lorenz E. Baumer, Vorbilder und Vorlagen: Studien zu klassischen Frauenstatuen und ihrer Verwendung für Reliefs und Statuetten des 5. und 4. Jahrhunderts vor Christus, Bern, 1997, no. G 2/2, pl. 3, 4-6. Arachne, no. 51650 (
Claudia Valéri and Fausto Zevi, Marmora Phlegraea: Sculture dal Rione Terra di Pozzuoli (Monografie della Rivista archaeological classica, vol. 2), Rome, 2005, p. 87, note 278 ("Poulsen...  considera la testa restaurata in èta moderna")

Sotheby's, Treasures sale
London - 9 July 2014
Guide Price: £6,000,000

8) A marble bust of John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough (1650-1722), Attributed to John Michael Rysbrack Crowned with laurel and wearing the Garter Star, inscribed on the front of the pedestal: 'JOHANNES DUX MARLBURIENSIS, S.R. Imperit Princips & c, Anglia Et Batavia Libertatum, Perriclitanturia Afsertor, Galliae Trumparstis, DomItor Et Flagellum, Germaniae Ruentis Liberator Ac Tutamen, Qui Per Accerimmum Decenne Bellum, Hostium Copias Saepius Aggrefsius Nunq: Non Fudit, Aorum qf Oppida Oppugnans, Nunquam Non Expugnavit'. Inscribed on the back of the pedestal: 'John, Duke of Marlborough and Prince of the Roman Empire, & ca. The Rescuer of Liberties of ENGLAND AND HOLLAND when in most Imminent Danger, The Subduer and Scourge of FRANCE when in its Height of Power, The Deliverer and Protector of GERMANY, When at the Point of Ruin, Who through the whole course, of A Ten Years Vigorous War, In Repeated Attacks, Upon The Enemies, Armies and Continual Assaults upon their Strong Townes, Never once fail'd of Success.', on a greenish-grey veined marble base.
Bust: 63cm, 24¾in; socle: 30cm, 11¾in

The Royal Academy, English Taste in the 18th century, 1955-1956, no.37

M. I. Webb, Michael Rysbrack, London, 1954, p. 94 and 95, where other versions recorded;
I. Roscoe, 'A Biographical Dictionary of Sculptors in Britain 1660-1851', New Haven and London, 2009, p.1085, no.151, where other versions recorded.

Sotheby's, Treasures Sale
London - 9 July 2014
Guide Price: £300,000

9) Lorenzo Bartolini (Savignano, nr Prato,
7 Jan 1777 - Florence, 20 Jan 1850)
Italian, circa 1820
The Campbell Sisters
5ft 7in high, on cylindrical plinth, 8ft 7in. high overall

Virtue and Vision: Sculpture in Scotland, R.S.A., Edinburgh, 1991

On loan to the National Galleries of Scotland

John Kenworthy-Browne, 'Sculptor and Revolutionary.  British Portraits by Bartolini'
Country Life, June 8th 1978, pp. 1655-1656;
Lorenzo Bartolini. Mostra delle attivita di tutela, exhib. Cat. Prato, Palazzo Pretorio, February to May 1978, pp. 32-33, no. 5

Sotheby's Treasures Sale
London - 9 July 2014
Guide price £700,000

10) An Elizabeth I Silver-mounted Sussex marble tankard 
maker's mark 'A BIRD', attributed to Affabel Partridge, London, 1575

cast foot and neck mounts, handle, finial and pierced thumbpiece, the hinged lid chased with masks, fruit, strapwork and other motifs, the underside of the foot mount engraved with an inscription and pricked with the date 1736, in fitted

fishskin case with green velvet lining, circa 1736/37

23.7cm., 9¼ in. height

The inscription reads: 'EX DONO DÑI IOHA IS DUTTON BARONET'



The Dutton family of Sherborne, Gloucestershire: probably Thomas Dutton (1507-1581), Surveyor of Monastic Lands in Gloucestershire, and thence by descent through Sir John Dutton, 2nd Bt (1684-1743) and his great nephew  James Dutton, 1st Baron Sherborne (1744-1820) to the present owner



Queen Charlotte's Loan Exhibition of Old Silver, Seaford House, London, 1929, no. 60



Guide price: £2,400,000



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