Arts Council England is contracted to deliver standards and the Government Indemnity Scheme on behalf of the Department for Culture Media and Sport.

We give a national overview to government by carrying out risk assessments, offering advice, and learning of and utilising good practice.

It is a pre-condition of UK indemnity that the national security adviser, William Brown, based at Arts Council England, carries out an assessment at venues which wishes to borrow national works or those under grant of indemnity. The advisor makes recommendations, produces a written report, revisits the venue, and recommends approval or non approval.

Risk assessment process

We primarily consider risks to objects, assess threat or likelihood of actual risk and consider measures of removing or reducing risks. Examples can include crimes such as theft or deliberate damage, or environmental or accidental loss.

Measures reviewed:

1  Building and technological systems

2  Access to building and exhibition areas

3  Workforce numbers and integrity

4  Object protection

Building capacity for museum security

The Collections Trust is leading our Building capacity for museum security project to promote awareness of good practice in museum security, and help museums build their knowledge and capacity. The project is one of 94 initiatives funded by our Renaissance Strategic support fund.

It has included a series of six expert seminars presented in Major partner museums across England, and now a major new source of information and advice about security issues has been launched by the Collections Trust, now available on Collections Link.

It provides resources and guidance which will help museums and galleries protect themselves against loss from their collections as a result of damage from security threats such as theft, fire, flood. It is the first stage of a major development of security-related resources on Collections Link, which will also include links to publications, audio files, case studies, specifications, security networks and individuals, and fact sheets.

The objective is to enable those responsible for museum security at all levels to build their knowledge about threats to their collections and be informed about available security solutions.

More information and online booking for the three remaining seminars is available on Collections Link.