Gale NewsVault delivers the definitive cross-searching experience for exploring Gale's historical newspaper collections, providing a range of users, from students to family and local history researchers, a unique window into the past. Users can simultaneously search or browse across all of the historic newspaper collections they subscribe to, allowing them to easily recall results from up to 10 million pages of newspaper articles across 400 years. All of the titles are fully text searchable with results presented in page facsimile format with hit-terms highlighted for ease of discovery.

The Gale NewsVault image viewer allows users to read individual issues cover to cover in full screen format easily. Grab, pan, zoom and crop tools allow users to manipulate the images and in some instances create a better reading experience than viewing the original physical copy would allow.

The following historical newspaper collections are available for libraries to cross-search and explore on the Gale NewsVault platform:

  • 19th Century British Library Newspapers - this collection offers full runs of national, regional and local 19th century British newspapers
  • 17th and 18th Century Burney Newspapers - the largest single collection of 17th and 18th century English news media available 
  • 19th Century UK Periodicals I (New Readerships) and II (Empire) - curated collections  of periodicals that reveal 19th century British life in all its richness, from art to business, children to politics, and sport to colonial expansion
  • Illustrated London News Historical Archive 1842-2003 - online archive of the world's first illustrated weekly newspaper
  • Picture Post Historical Archive 1938-1957 - the complete run of the iconic newspaper that defined the style of photojournalism in the 20th century
  • BBC Listener Historical Archive 1929-1991 - 60 years of BBC cultural history from 1929 to 1991
  • Economist Historical Archive 1843-2007 - 160 years of highly trusted economic and political commentary and analysis
  • Financial Times Historical Archive 1888-2007 - the complete run of the London edition of this internationally renowned 'newspaper of record'
  • Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive, 1902-2006 - the only literary weekly to offer comprehensive coverage of publications from across the world, as well as reviews

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