Published every year since 1849, Who’s Who is the leading source of up-to-date information about over 34,000 influential people in British public life today. Who Was Who is an invaluable and historical archive which collects together the entries of nearly 100,000 people, now deceased, who were included in previous editions of Who’s Who.

Containing autobiographical listings of senior politicians, judges, civil servants, and notable figures from the arts, academia, and other areas, it is seen as one of the world’s most recognised and respected works of reference. 

Who’s Who and Who Was Who offers:

  • over 34,000 entries from the current edition of Who's Who 
  • over 100,000 entries from all 11 volumes of Who Was Who 
  • a wealth of personal information included for each person – full name, titles, birth date and (where appropriate) death date, family history, education, honours, career history, publications, creative works and contact details 
  • fascinating insight into the private lives of public figures – discover who lists underwater knitting or ablative horticulture among their hobbies, and find out how many people describe themselves as cat lovers or belonging to the Garrick Club 
  • not just British people – Nelson Mandela, Venus Williams, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Woody Allen are just some of the international figures included 
  • extensive internal cross-references – find family members and lists of similar people (eg in the same profession or born in the same period) with ease 
  • over 10,000 direct reciprocal links with the award-winning Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (for subscribers) 
  • custom-built for bibliographic research 

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