The public value programme was a three-year programme of research and development to put public value at the heart of the Arts Council. The programme responded to and built on the findings of the arts debate, the Arts Council's first public value inquiry.

Public value: the history

In 2006 the Arts Council launched the Arts debate, a major inquiry into how people value the arts, their priorities for public funding and their expectations of the Arts Council. The findings of the Arts debate led the Arts Council to develop a new mission statement of 'great art for everyone'. This is now enshrined in our 10-year strategic framework Great art and culture for everyone.

Public value projects 2008-11

The findings of three key public value projects undertaken between 2008-11 are set out here:

  1. Wider range of voices: exploring how we can engage a wider range of voices in our decision making and developing an Arts Council involvement strategy
  2. Enriching lives: researching to continually explore and evidence how people's lives are enriched through their experience of the arts
  3. The Future of Reading: a research project to engage people in a debate about the role and value of reading, and how it can best be encouraged in a digital age