The full set of tables detailing the work of regularly funded organisations in 2008/09 is now available. Use the links on the right hand side of this page to download the tables.

The period covered is April 2008-March 2009. The headline table and regional tables were released on 2 September 2009 as official statistics according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority. Click here for more details about the Arts Council's policies on official statistics, including a list of people with pre-release access to the data.

Year-on-year comparisons

Since the release of regularly funded organisation annual submission data for 2006/07 we have changed the way in which we aggregate activity and attendance data. This is to allow for more accurate calculations of activity and attendance by artform.

We have also changed the way in which we calculate total funds carried forward. For the purpose of this release we have reanalysed 2006/07 data to allow for comparative analysis to be made across 2006/07, 2007/08 and 2008/09. Previously published regularly funded organisation annual submission data up to and including 2006/07 is not comparable with this release.

For data relating to the 2007/08, 2006/07 and 2005/06 full sample and constant sample analysis please use the links on the left.