All of the work undertaken by the research team at the Arts Council is directed towards improving policy and practice, both of the Arts Council itself and the wider cultural sector. By working in partnership with academics, government and our other stakeholders we can ensure that we are deploying our resources most effectively.

Our ongoing Stakeholder focus research enables us to be responsive to the needs of the arts sector and our other stakeholders. The research signals to us where we are doing well and where we need to improve. It is important for monitoring our own corporate performance, as well as providing useful evidence of the views of the cultural sector and the public.

We work in partnership with the DCMS, English Heritage and Sport England on the Culture and Sport Evidence (CASE) programme. The CASE programme aims to answer shared research questions across the arts, heritage, museums, libraries, sport and cultural sectors. As well as providing a robust evidence base for our work, CASE has developed useful policymaking resources such as the Local Culture and Heritage Profile Tool.