The digital research programme was a three-year investigation to understand the impact of digital technology on how the public perceive, understand and engage with the arts. The research was part of the wider digital opportunities programme - a programme of policy development to understand how digital media technologies affect the creation, distribution and consumption of the arts, and what this means for the Arts Council and the artists and organisations we support.

Read the results of the research.

Digital opportunities was one of the Arts Council's four priorities for 2008-2011. The research performed three key functions:

  • generating in-depth knowledge of the way digital technology is changing the context in which artists, arts organisations and the Arts Council are operating
  • providing a clear understanding of the opportunities and challenges that this changing context creates for artists, arts organisations and the public
  • identifying where the Arts Council could intervene in order to create most public value

The findings continue to inform the work of the digital opportunities programme as a whole. If you have a question or a suggestion about the digital opportunities programme, please email us.