It’s extraordinarily hard to measure and quantify an idea like value in relation to culture, because the use of the term raises so many questions – not least, ‘who is asking about value?’, and ‘what does value mean?’.

The Arts Council wants arts and culture to reach more people, but we also want to increase the depth and quality of their cultural experience. But do we understand what people actually value from their experience of arts and culture?

Over the past decade there has been lively debate about what these impacts are and about how they might be captured. Likewise, many have attempted to clarify the exact value that cultural organisations bring to the people they reach out to and the communities they serve.

To help us understand how others have considered this debate, we commissioned WolfBrown to undertake an international literature review with a particular focus on how individuals value their cultural experiences. It also identifies the conditions that exist within those organisations delivering high quality, impactful cultural programmes

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Please also make sure you join in the conversation. This publication adds to the body of existing research, evidence and thought but there is more work to be done to fully understand the meaning, impact and value of arts and culture in England, We're keen to know your views.

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