About the Target Group Index

Target Group Index (TGI) is a survey of adults living in Great Britain conducted by TGI Insights and Integration. It collects information from a representative sample of around 25,000 adults in England, Wales and Scotland annually.

The survey asks questions on a wide range of consumer habits and preferences, and since the 1980s it has included questions on frequency of attendance at a number of major art forms (theatre, opera, ballet, contemporary dance, classical music, pop/rock, jazz, art galleries, cinema). For more details see TGI Insights and Integration website.

The survey is a source of longitudinal data on arts attendance. The TGI arts attendance data is one of the official statistics that the Arts Council produces.

The longitudinal data from TGI complements the information we have been getting since 2005 from the Taking Part survey. Findings from Taking Part are not directly comparable with TGI data, however, due to differences in methodology, sampling and question wording.

Latest data release: arts attendance statistics for 2009/10

Release date: 9 September 2010
Period covered: April 2009 - March 2010

This statistical release presents estimates of the proportion of adults who attend different types of arts events in England and across Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland). The release is based on the data collected between April 2009 and March 2010 via the Target Group Index (TGI) survey. Download the release by selecting the links below:

TGI arts attendance 2009/10 [107 KB]
TGI arts attendance 2009/10 [91 KB]

Please note that Arts Council England has obtained permission from TGI Insights and Intgration to make this copyright TGI data available. Data cannot be reproduced without the permission of TGI Insights and Intgration. Further details can be found at the  TGI Insights and Intgration website.

Trends over time

The figures in this release can be compared to those from previous years of the TGI survey to get an indication of trends in arts attendance over time. Click on the link below to download a summary document of data since 1994/95: 

TGI arts attendance 1994/95-2009/10 [179 KB]
TGI arts attendance 1994/95-2009/10 [118 KB]

Pre-release access

The document below contains a list of Arts Council officials who have received privileged early access to this release of the survey data. In line with best practice, the list has been kept to a minimum and those given access for briefing purposes had a maximum of 24 hours.

Pre-release access list [9 KB]

Next release date

The Arts Council plans to stop producing the TGI arts attendance statistics. For more information and the opportunity to comment, please see official statistics.