About the Taking Part survey

Taking Part is a major survey of cultural and sport participation in England, commissioned by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) in partnership with Arts Council England, Sport England and Historic England.

Taking Part has been running 10 years, since July 2005. Every year it collects information from a nationally representative sample of adults and children about their attendance at a wide variety of arts events, museums, galleries, libraries and heritage sites, and about their participation in creative activities and sport. The survey also asks about motivations and barriers to engagement and collects a large quantity of socio-demographic information. In 2012/13 a longitudinal element was added to the survey with a number of adults and children being revisited and interviewed every year. The data is currently collected by TNS-BMRB through face-to-face interviews.

Statistical releases for the adult Taking Part survey are published quarterly and a child Taking Part report is published each year.

The latest publications can be downloaded here: 

Publications from the Taking Part survey

A range of reports have been produced or commissioned based on Taking Part data, a selection of these publications are available:

Recently DCMS published a range of 'Focus On' reports, using the 2013/14 data to examine a number of key topics:

Regional and artform profiles

Read our profiles to find out about cultural engagement in your region and across England, based on data gathered from the Taking Part survey, 2005-12:

Regional and artform profiles using data from 2013/14 will be published later this year.