Segmentation downloads

Arts audiences: insight - A publication that summarises the segmentation findings and describes each segment in detail. Individual segment profiles can be found on the Understanding the segments page. Download the earlier edition of Arts audiences: insight 2008 (created using older data).

Technical note - A report on the analytical methodology used to create and update the segmentation

Technical note - A report with details of the methodology used to undertake the postcode modelling.

Regional analysis - A breakdown of the populations of the nine English regions into the 13 segments

Local area analysis - A breakdown of the populations of counties/unitary authorities, districts/council areas and wards into the 13 segments

Understanding the segments - A more detailed breakdown of the segments by:

  • socio-demographic characteristics
  • arts attendance
  • arts participation
  • overall arts engagement
  • wider cultural engagement (libraries, museums, heritage etc.)
  • participation in different sports
  • volunteering
  • leisure habits