Highly qualified, affluent, and in the early stages of their career, Urban arts eclectic are dynamic, and believe in seizing life's opportunities.

They seek new experiences through travel and food, and have an interest in other cultures. They describe themselves as optimistic, creative and open-minded.

Engaging with Urban arts eclectic

This group are already highly engaged. The main challenges will be competing for their time, given their wide variety of interests, and the chance that they perceive arts attendance as a badge - their desire for novelty may be a greater driver than artistic merit. This could mean that they only try something once, and are not a loyal audience base.

This group are already engaged and interested in new experiences. They are highly connected socially and once engaged could be used to engage others. In particular, they could be arts advocates online through reviews and tweets to tell others what is up and coming.

The right kind of message will be crucial: positioning the arts offer as something cutting edge, as an opportunity for selfexpression, a way to explore other cultures or to socialise, will attract this group. Given they are already active, in-venue marketing and advertising in listings will be most effective in reaching them. However, they are also keen internet and mobile phone users so these channels should also be considered to engage with this group.

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