At a later stage in life and having attained a high standard of living, Traditional culture vultures have time to devote to their many leisure interests. Art and culture takes up
the majority of their time, alongside travelling and spending time with family.

Engaging with Traditional culture vultures

Traditional culture vultures are already highly engaged with the arts, and have the time and the financial means to attend regularly. They also already see themselves as part of the arts, although they sometimes show a potential for a 'purist' attitude towards artistic content. The challenge will be getting them to try out something new. Positioning the opportunity as high-quality, creative and intellectually stimulating may prove most compelling for this group.

Having an activity or event endorsed by those whom they hold in high regard will be critical. These could be experts and critics in traditional arts genres or it could be those outside of the arts such as high-profile political or business figures.

In-venue marketing will help to create the link to the traditional arts that is needed to satisfy this group that an activity is artistic, and allow them to identify themselves with it.

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