Early or mid-career, often juggling work and family commitments, Time-poor dreamers are busy, and short-term orientated, living in the moment. They engage with popular culture and the arts are not a priority for them.

Engaging with Time-poor dreamers

Time-poor dreamers may respond to a family-focused arts offer that provides a fun activity for the kids while allowing the parents to have a break and relax. Using competitions or prize draws to attract this group might be useful tools. Talent shows, linking activities to fashion and style, involving celebrities or linking to relevant brand names might also be good ways of engaging with this group.

Positioning the arts as something 'fun' or as 'entertainment' is likely to be more effective than emphasising, for example, the intellectual or educational aspects of artistic experiences. Other considerations could include:

  • location: use local venues or locations they already frequent (eg shopping malls)
  • format: keep the activity informal, perhaps allowing people to drop-in or to try doing something for a short time only
  • cost: to lower the financial risk to engage, consider making activities free or affordable

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