Home-loving and down to earth, Retired arts and crafts favour a regular routine and a slower pace of life. This group have a passion for nature and are keen gardeners.

They are happy with life, but may be limited in their ability to get out and about due to their age, disability or illness.

Engaging with Retired arts and crafts

While this group is already engaged with arts and crafts activities within the home, they are not currently attending arts events due to physical limitations or the perception that nothing is available nearby.

Organised trips to events, including transportation to and from the venues, might be effective in appealing to this group, for example partnering with transport providers like coach owners or tour companies. Another potential route may be to offer arts events at garden shows, in public parks or gardens to tie in with their interest in gardening.

Supporting home-based crafts activities and ensuring there are opportunities to continue or expand these interests through local groups and networks might also prove effective. Positioning activities as a way to be creative, be mentally stimulated and be entertained may be most engaging to this group.

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