A quiet pint with the match are content with life and are not seeking change. They spend much of their leisure time at home, or you might find them having a drink with friends at the local pub.

Engaging with A quiet pint with the match

'The arts' are an unfamiliar, and overlooked, concept for this group and need to be positioned as part of a broader leisure opportunity. Strategies that position arts engagement as a chance to make use of their skills (eg manual or craft skills), learn new skills to aid employment or tell their story are likely to be more effective. Arts activities or experiences could also be offered as support in difficult times, such as periods of poor health or unemployment - partnerships with other providers could be valuable in reaching this group.

When communicating with this segment it is important to keep the tone informal and down to earth. Reaching out to this audience in pubs or community venues (such as sports clubs), and using existing local media and community networks are also likely to be effective ways to engage with them.

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