Balanced and practical, Mature explorers keep up to date with current affairs and the news and seek to develop informed opinions, displaying their ethical concerns through their lifestyle choices. Neither faddish nor brand or image conscious, they are more practical in their spending habits and tend to opt for the ‘tried and tested’ approach.They use art as a way to bring a new perspective to their lives.

Engaging with Mature explorers

Mature explorers engage mainly through arts exhibitions, and this defines what art is to them. Strategies to engage them need to be through providing other opportunities in the context of their lives and broadening their thinking. Displaying sculpture outdoors in gardens or heritage sites, holding performances in castles and stately homes and creating promotional tie-ins with other 'big day out' events could all prove fruitful.

Positioning the arts as an opportunity to learn something new or explore different cultures could be a good way to appeal to this segment, and their interest in current affairs and thirst for knowledge could be catered for by the provision of well prepared, information-rich background and accompanying materials, perhaps drawing on the historical, conceptual or environmental context of the artwork.

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